EastEnders disaster week spoilers: Who is going to die? When it is airing? All you need to know

Who is the final victim under the bus with the recognisable ringtone?

Last updated: 26 January 2017 - 3.55pm

EastEnders delivered a shocking bus crash disaster on Monday night (January 23) with 11 Albert Square characters’ lives in danger after a devastating accident.

A bus driver on a route through the East End suffered a heart attack and lost control of the wheel. The bus was carrying characters including Denise Fox and Louise Mitchell.

EastEnders bus crash

After Denise attempted to wrestle control of the wheel, the bus crashed through the Albert Square market and into the railway bridge.

The aftermath will air across the week and viewers will be left guessing who survives and who dies until the end of the week.

On Tuesday night's show, the Albert Square community flew into action to save the day, pulling people to safety from the wreckage, getting the passengers off the bus and even managing to lift the vehicle to pull out an injured Martin Fowler.

However, it looks as though they may have been too late to save one resident from being killed by the vehicle.

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Who is going to be killed off?

Whitney Carter

Mick Carter

The final twist at the end of the episode was Mick Carter hearing his daughter-in-law Whitney's ringtone coming from underneath the bus. He thought that she was in town, but was he mistaken? If she is under the bus, is there any way she could have survived the crash?

Martin Fowler

Martin Fowler


The market stall holder was rescued from under the bus, but he looked in a bad way. Will the heroics of the locals been in time to save him? Or are his injuries worse than first feared?

Lee Carter

Danny-Boy Hatchard

One fan theory is that it isn't Whitney under the bus and in fact it is her husband Lee, who has the same song as his ringtone. Could Mick be mistaken and actually discover its his own flesh and blood under the vehicle? Danny-Boy Hatchard is leaving the show this year, so the theory does stack up.

Speaking to the Huffington Post about the theory, Danny-Boy said: "I think it could either go two ways, [because] Whitney's had such a tough time in the Square.

"I think she could possibly move away and try to find a new life somewhere else, or if Lee was to, hypothetically, be unwell or have something happen to him, she would stick around and help him.

"Or, if he was to pass away during a tragic event, maybe all the Carters would come together and try to help her through it - so there's three answers for you!"

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When does it air this week?

The final episode of 'Disaster Week' airs on Thursday, January 25th at 7.30pm

It is repeated at 10pm on W, BT TV 311/383 HD.

Catch up on BBC iPlayer and BT TV Catch-Up.

What have the cast revealed?

Very little. In fact, they’re being so secretive, the best we’ve got is some quotes from Louise Mitchell actress Tilly Keeper, who whet our appetites.

"All I’ll say is that next week’s episodes are HUGE and unmissable," she told the Radio Times.

"It was exciting to film and I can’t wait to see the audience’s reaction. I can't say anything else! My lips are sealed. All I will say is make sure you tune in."

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