EastEnders fans speculate about what Kat is hiding after Alfie call

The character recently returned to the soap without her husband.

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Last updated: 12 April 2018 - 9.20pm

EastEnders fans have speculated about what Kat Slater is hiding after she dodged a phone call from husband Alfie Moon.

The soap favourite, played by Jesse Wallace, recently returned to Walford without Alfie, played by Shane Ritchie.

His absence from Albert Square has remained a mystery but on Thursday’s episode Kat was driven to drink after she chose not to answer a call from her husband.

After cancelling the call from Alfie, Kat took a large swig of gin and looked distressed.

Viewers speculated that she may be avoiding him because she was unfaithful.

One wrote on Twitter: “Did kat cheat on Alfie again?”, while another said: “What happened in Spain with Kat and Alfie? Please don’t let it be that Kat cheated. She’s done that countless times.”

Others hoped his call is a signal of a return to Albert Square.

One viewer said: “Kat’s back hope alfie returns now their great together.”

Another wrote: “That’s it now Kat & Alfie Eastenders is gonna be like the actual best again.”

One more said: “Aww I want Alfie & Kat back together.”

EastEnders continues on Friday at 8pm.

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