EastEnders spoilers: 10 Christmas storylines revealed

Find out what’s coming up on Albert Square over the festive season.

It wouldn’t be Christmas in Walford without at least few gripping and grim storylines. And luckily for all EastEnders fans, the soap's official seasonal sypnosis has been revealed by executive producer John Yorke.

“There’s a lot of big drama, a lot of big heart and quite a few laughs besides," Yorke said.

“This Christmas is going to be a classic EastEnders Christmas – the time of year when EastEnders should be at its very best – and we can’t wait for people to see it.”

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But what exactly will happen? According to the latest synopsis, the following storylines are about to rock Albert Square.

1. Max will have murder in mind

max branning murder

News that Max Branning want to murder EastEnders longest serving character Ian Beale has already been leaked, but apparently he also wants to finish off resident tough guy Phil Mitchell as well.

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And he’s got plenty to be angry at the two popular characters about. Phil of course bribed the foreman of the jury in Max’s trial and Ian for helping Jane frame him – for a crime he never committed.

As we know, Max is a man unhinged and on a rapid downfall, and with next to nothing left to lose, he seems capable of just about anything – even murder.

2. A Christmas romance for Max?

max christmas angel

Although he's seemingly teetering on the edge of insanity, EastEnders' Christmas synopsis says that Max will encounter a “Christmas Angel”. 

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It could mean he’s in for a surprise Christmas romance or perhaps someone will point out his wrongdoings and stop him from carrying out his vengeful plans.

3. The Branning family destroyed forever?

branning family eastenders

All roads lead back to Max and the troubled Branning family this Christmas. With Max’s lies exposed just about everyone has turned against him – even his own family.

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And things are about to get even worse as a new piece of evidence against him comes to light that shall trigger his final downfall “in an apocalyptic scale” and destroy the Branning family – forever.

4. Mick and Linda renew their vows

mick linda carter eastenders

Mick and Linda have had an incredibly rocky year but, determined to start the New Year off back on track, they decide to renew their wedding vows. Terrified this will be their last year at the Queen Vic, they pour all of their energies into planning a spectacular renewal.

5. Mick is made an offer he can’t refuse

mick carter soaps

With mounting finances and the ever-looming threat of being kicked out of the pub for good, Mick considers desperate measures when Phil Mitchell’s old prison cell mate Aidan offers him a lucrative deal. Of course there are dangerous potentially even lethal strings attached. Will Mick make a deal with the devil to save his beloved pub and marriage?

6. Phil and Vincent tread dangerous ground

phil mitchell

Mick won’t be the only one Aidan tries to con, and by Christmas he’ll have signed up a few Albert Square residents to his scheme. In fact, he’ll even be able to convince Phil Mitchell and Vincent Hubbard to get involved. However, it won’t be too long until they figure out the dodgyness of it all – by which time it might be too late. Either way, by the time Christmas Day swings around they’ll realise Aidan is not one to be crossed – even by hardmen such as themselves.

7. Melanie Owen set for an early return?

melanie owen

We already know that fan fave Mel Owen (played by Tamzin Outhwaite) is returning early 2018, but could she actually make a surprise return in time for Christmas? We think it’s a high possibility, especially as the Christmas synopsis hints at an “auld acquaintance”.

8. James Willmott-Brown to get his comeuppance?

james willmott-brown

Evil James Willmott-Brown has been intent on leaving a path of destruction and betrayal in Walford ever since he made his dramatic return in September. Rapist and swindler James so far seems to be getting his own way over his plans to redevelop Albert Square. However, EastEnders boss John Yorke recently hinted that James will indeed get his comeuppance in spectacular fashion – and all in time for Christmas.  

9. Ben Mitchell leaves the square

ben mitchell

As we already know, Harry Reid, who's been playing Ben Mitchell since 2014, is set to leave EastEnders by the beginning of 2018. While we have no idea exactly when or how he will be written out, we can only predict that his exit will tie in to a dramatic Christmas storyline - and it will have something to do with his relationship with dodgy Luke Browning.

10. S Club 7’s Hannah Spearritt joins EastEnders

hannah spearritt

Former S Club 7 member Hannah Spearritt is joining EastEnders as Kandice Taylor, the younger sister of Karen Taylor. Billed by EastEnders as mean-spirited and far from being on good terms with her big sis, her first on-set photos have shown her with silver blonde hair and clutching a chihuahua. What’s more, she’s surrounded by Xmas decorations in the pics, making it more than likely that she’ll be making her screen debut over the festive season. 

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