EastEnders spoilers: Mick caught in bed with Hayley

Linda is dumbfounded to discover hubby Mick in bed with newcomer Hayley Slater...

Last updated: 9 May 2018 - 10.57am

Mick props up the other side of the bar for a change when he gets drunk with his old mate Stuart, but Halfway is uncomfortable with the situation and admits to his brother that he's been lying to the pub landlord.

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However, it seems Stuart might be the sneakier sibling as he invites newly returned secret Slater Hayley to join them for a drink - and when Mick then goes to sleep it off, Stuart encourages her to get into bed with his pal.

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Linda is furious to find her husband tucked up with a stranger, but she's not the only Walford woman Hayley needs to worry about as Stacey fears her cousin is on the growing list of rivals for Martin's affections. Luckily, seeing Hayley in the thick of a row at the Vic puts Martin off, but will discovering her connection to Stacey send him rebounding into Sonia's arms?

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Elsewhere, Phil pressures Robbie for info on Max and Rainie, the locals fail to predict that Mo will be the star turn at the Vic's psychic night, and Ian turns the royal wedding celebrations into his own political rally.

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