EastEnders spoilers: Can Josh and Lauren stop the new development?

As Josh and Lauren plot away, Willmott-Brown betrays Max.

Last updated: 8 December 2017 - 7.14am

Max shouldn't expect many Christmas cards from neighbours this year, but at least his family seems to be rallying around.

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Jack arranges for Oscar to pay a birthday visit, and Abi even agrees to help sort out a cake. But will Max still be able to count on the Brannings' support after Jack discovers the extent of his brother's treachery?

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Meanwhile, Josh and Lauren, who must have bonded over how untrustworthy their dads are, plot to stop the development. For Josh, that means trying to steal files from his father's computer, while Lauren takes the more old-fashioned approach of chaining herself to the Community Centre. Ian is also on a mission to bring down Willmott-Brown as he confronts his mother's rapist, while Fi remains torn over what to believe.

Elsewhere, Aidan brings us Walford's answer to Ocean's 11 as he recruits Phil, Vincent, Mick and Keanu to work on his job - but it looks like their masterplan has already hit a snag when they realise Bernadette was in earshot during their first meeting.

Whitney tries to play Cupid for Donna and Robbie, and the market is threatened with closure for the umpteenth time.

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