EastEnders Spoilers: Divorce shock for Whitney - and that's just the start of it...

Whitney feels down after receiving a letter from estranged husband Lee and a skint Denise has a disappointing visit to the job centre...

Last updated: 12 May 2017 - 07.52am

Denise is skint, so she does what surprisingly few cash-strapped, unemployed EastEnders seem to do and heads to the local job centre to sign on. Unfortunately, it turns out they can't help her until she fills out an application form - and when she goes back with the completed paperwork, she receives disappointing news.

With no money to eat, Denise heads to the food bank, but is shocked to discover that Cora works there. Will Denise swallow her pride or continue to go hungry?


Whitney is feeling down after getting a letter from Lee about the divorce, so she says she's going shopping to cheer herself up. When Woody realises she's left her purse behind, he sets out to find her - and is shocked by what he sees. But what will Mick make of everything that has been going on at the pub when he returns this week?

Meanwhile, Jack's situation gets even worse, Stacey continues to act as Martin's personal peacekeeper as she encourages him to make amends with Kush, and Ian's willpower receives a boost after he joins a slimming club.

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