EastEnders spoilers: Male strippers at the Queen Vic?

New bar manager Woody wants to spice up the Queen Vic with male strippers while The Albert fights back with a quiz...

Last updated: 18 April 2017 - 11.06am

Shirley shocks the Carters with her solution to their money problems, but Woody has his own ideas about how to drum up business for the pub - male strippers.

That isn't enough to endear him to Tina, who snaps at him following an incident with the jukebox. However, Woody realises she's still grieving for Sylvie and encourages her to open up, with surprising results...


While the Vic hosts its ladies' night, The Albert fights back with a quiz, although even that has the potential to get raucous as Carmel deals with the awkwardness of being on a team with Denise and Kush by getting drunk.

Steven is thrilled when Lauren quits her internship - until she reveals that she did it so she can concentrate on finding a full-time job and not so she can devote herself to him 24 hours a day. As if having a possessive boyfriend wasn't bad enough, Max also starts meddling in Lauren's future.

Elsewhere, Honey is frustrated by new Minute Mart employee Derek, newcomer Fi ruffles feathers, and Abi inexplicably decides she wants to move in with her ex-boyfriends Ben and Jay.