EastEnders spoilers: Phil's shock confession tears Mitchell family apart

After a heated inheritance row, Phil makes a bombshell confession that could change the Mitchell family forever...

Last updated: 11 August 2017 - 12.01pm

The Mitchells are at war again. They're clearly a clan that is never going to be happy - to paraphrase U2, they can't live with or without each other. So when Phil starts getting his affairs in order, you can see trouble brewing a mile away.

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phil mitchell

Sure enough, when Ben discovers that his inheritance - The Arches - is worth less than Jay's - the car lot land - a rift develops. Ben is fuelled by paranoia, convinced that Phil never wanted him in his life, but the truth about Phil's decision is eventually revealed in dramatic fashion.

Max agrees to go on holiday with Carmel, who admits that she loves him. She then invites him round to dinner with Shakil and Kush, but the evening isn't a resounding success. Max also blackmails Steven into helping him with some tricky tenants, and considers getting him off his back by telling Lauren the truth.

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