EastEnders spoilers: Shakil and Keegan stabbed

When Shakil tries to protect Keegan from a gang, they are both attacked. Will Shakil pay the ultimate price?

Last updated: 18 May 2018 - 6.46pm

It's the day of the royal wedding, which should be the perfect excuse for an old-fashioned cockney knees-up in the Vic, even if Linda is refusing to let Mick show the FA Cup as well. Instead, tragedy strikes when two of the Square's younger residents are attacked.

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The trouble starts when Keegan steals a bike from a gang, and Shakil tries to keep his friend out of trouble by returning it. Unfortunately, the criminals come looking for Keegan - and when they catch Shakil with the bike, they stab them both.

eastenders spoilers shakil

An injured Shakil tries to raise the alarm, but Mick wrongly assumes he's drunk and fails to listen. Luckily, the landlord does pay attention when he later finds a stricken Keegan and insists on driving the lad to hospital. However, time is running out for Shakil, who has collapsed out of sight...

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Meanwhile, Hayley proves she really is a Slater by turning up to the Vic while barred, throwing a drink over Kat and conning a stranger, but she does show her softer side when she takes pity on a homeless girl.

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