EastEnders spoilers: The Old Vic has a surprising new bar manager...

As The Old Vic takes on a new bar manager, the Square is eager to find out which celebrity has been booked for the Easter Fayre.

Last updated: 11 April 2017 - 3.44pm

The residents of Walford are on tenterhooks as they wait to find out the identity of the special guest Carmel has bagged for the Easter Fayre. But will anyone notice that there's another celebrity in their midst this week in the shape of Lee Ryan, formerly of the boyband Blue?

He's playing bar manager Woody, who Linda has hired to take charge of the Vic. He doesn't get a particularly warm welcome from the Carters, especially as he arrives on the day of Sylvie's funeral. However, when the pub is hit by yet another disaster and Johnny is forced to use his student loan to restock the booze, it seems Woody might have arrived just in the nick of time.


Elsewhere, Sonia manages to get Bex to open up about the bullying, and Louise is mortified when her part in it comes to light.

Lauren is more interested in her potential new job than Steven's plan to have another child, and Denise is taken aback when Kush declares his love.

Jay is less than impressed when Ben invites Donna to be their new flatmate - but after she spends her first night playing drinking games with them, it looks like she could fit right in.