EastEnders spoilers: Will Linda reveal her cancer secret?

As Mick and Linda sit down for their first counselling session, will she come clean about her cancer worries?

Last updated: 18 September 2017 - 07.24am

Kim takes it upon herself to be the bearer of bad news this week as she spots Kathy in the Square and decides to bring her up to date with everything that's happened in her absence.

Kathy struggles to understand why Ian didn't tell her himself - until Ben makes her realise that he's probably still reluctant to rely on her after she let him spend nine years believing she was dead.

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At least Ian's family want to be there for him now though, which is more than poor Lauren can say as her guilt over Steven sends her reaching for the bottle. She then faces criticism from Abi over her choices for the funeral, while Max fails to even answer her messages.

And then just to add to the stress, a family liaison officer arrives ahead of the ceremony to reveal that Steven didn't have a tumour...

Elsewhere, Stacey receives some potentially worrying news about Arthur but feels unable to share it with Martin. Gethin tells Bex he can't tutor her anymore, Keegan goes job hunting, and Mick and Linda have their first counselling session, but will it prompt her to come clean about her hospital appointment?