Emmerdale spoilers: Daz makes shocking kidnapping confession?

After Daz makes a startling confession, Dan and Kerry accuse him of abducting Amelia...

Last updated: 12 June 2018 - 11.58am

When the police take Daz away again for questioning, Dan and Kerry's suspicions about him are raised. During the interrogation, the authorities bring up evidence that links the abduction to him.

As soon as Daz returns from his police interview, Dan and Kerry pounce, and accuse him of abducting Amelia.

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Meanwhile, it looks like Belle could give and of the Dragons a run for their money when she points out Whingles' potential to an investor. Freddy agrees to plough cash into the business and invites her to join his head office in London for 12 months. It's obvious that Belle is tempted, and suggests to him that she and Lachlan both become trainees in his company. When Freddy rejects the idea, Lachlan tells him she's not going to London after all. Cue more dramatic fireworks than a November 5 celebration when Belle angrily assures him that she is.

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Elsewhere, there's a danger of Brenda and Doug's secret being accidentally aired during a surprise party, and Paddy struggles with Chas's decision regarding the baby.

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