Dan missed an opportunity to become Emmerdale's answer to Tom Hardy when he failed to stop the robbery at the shop, and he doesn't cover himself in glory this week either when it emerges he withdrew his statement after the thugs threatened Amelia.

So Josh and Jamie are once again free to menace the locals, leaving Pollard increasingly on edge. The situation gets so bad that when Tracy calls round to check on him, her father-in-law mistakes her for an intruder and swings a cricket bat at her.


Elsewhere, Adam is worried his criminal record has scuppered his chances of adopting and tells Moira that there's something else weighing on his mind - his kiss with Vanessa. His mum advises him to either forget about it or come clean to Victoria, but there might be a third option after Emma learns of his indiscretion...

A fragile and traumatised Rhona returns from honeymoon and admits to Paddy that her marriage is over - but will she tell anyone about what happened on her wedding night?

Meanwhile, Samson plays Cupid, Megan tries to throw a spanner in Jai and Nell's relationship and Carly has a blast from the past.

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