Emmerdale has had bombshell stories galore this year, and from Emma Barton’s dramatic exit and whodunit storyline to Jai Sharma’s psychopathic girlfriend, it’s been quite the ride.

And next year promises to be no different with Emmerdale actor Matthew Wolfenden, who plays David Metcalfe, revealing at the ITV Gala that a shocking storyline is coming up for the troubled White family.

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He told OK! on the red carpet:

“They're filming a huge, huge stunt and it involves all the Whites and it's going to be incredible."

“From what I've heard, it's going to be one of the best stunts Emmerdale has ever done. The last stunt they did with the car crash was incredible and this is going to be just as good if not better, so yeah - watch out for that."

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As we know, Robert Sugden, who’s just had a baby boy with Rebecca White, has been secretly plotting to get his hands on Home Farm and its fortunes.

After impregnating his ex-Rebecca during a drunken one-night stand while recovering from his disastrous wedding that wasn’t with Aaron Dingle, Robert wormed his way back into the affections of the White family.

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He’s even convinced Rebecca’s sick dad Lawrence that they’ve slept together, and that they should bring their relationship out into the open, much to Lawrence’s protest.

Rebecca, meanwhile, is hoping that if she can persuade Lawrence to hand over shares in the farm to her and Robert, then Robert will stick around and be an active father.

Could an impatient Robert be the cause of the upcoming car crash as he plots to rid of White patriarch Lawrence and move one step closer to gaining full control over the impressive Home Farm estate?

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Or perhaps it could be Lachlan. He shot his grandad Lawrence last year and has recently been practising shooting targets with photos of Robert’s head pinned on them?

Time will tell, but as we know that John Bowe, who’s been playing Lawrence White since September 2014, is set to leave the soap shortly, we can only guess that Lawrence will be at least one of the fatal victims from this epic upcoming stunt.