Emmerdale spoilers: Debbie dumped by Joe Tate

Debbie is absolutely devastated when a guilt-ridden Joe dumps her. Meanwhile Sarah's health takes a turn for the worse after she takes a joyride in Joe's car...

Last updated: 8 June 2018 - 8.41pm

Poor Doug has really been through the ringer. Being conned by Terry was one thing, but the fact it will cost £25k to fix the B&B only adds to his woes. To make matters worse, Diane tells Laurel she won't be going to Doug's court hearing.

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Sadly, he lets the pressure get to him, and takes out his frustration on a nearby cop car, which obviously fast tracks him to the police station.

A day later Pollard is amazed to find a rucksack filled with cash, and Lachlan fears his gift will be exposed when Diane wonders whether they can keep the money.

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Meanwhile, Debbie is gutted when Joe breaks up with her; he's concerned that the stress of them being together made Sarah ill.

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Elsewhere, Leanna phones the school and pretends to be David, saying Jacob's ill, and encourages Sarah to joy ride in Joe's car. However, Sarah is caught, her health deteriorates and she's rushed to hospital.

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It's an emotional time for Chas when she agrees to let Paddy and Marlon throw her a baby shower, and DS Benton asks Kerry and Dan to make a TV appeal to help with Amelia's disappearance.

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