Emmerdale spoilers: Emma Barton's murderer is revealed

The truth comes out at Emma's funeral...

Last updated: 9 December 2017 - 10.50am

It's Emma's funeral this week and we're finally going to discover what happened that fateful day on the viaduct.

The revelation can't come fast enough for most of the villagers who are still in the frame, including Pete and Ross.

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However, Adam thinks Victoria isn't worried enough that he's still a suspect - although she does start taking an interest after she overhears him calling the police with a tip-off about Ross...

emmerdale spoilers

Meanwhile, Gabby and Laurel are horrified when Arthur insists he wants to go to the funeral. The pressure on the Thomas family continues to grow as Laurel informs the police that Arthur and Elliot have found a tyre buried in the woods, only to later discover that the cops are more interested in talking to her about an incriminating photo.

Meanwhile, Moira feels more drained than ever after a routine check-up reveals Isaac may have a heart problem, and the doctor is unable to prescribe anything to help her sleep. So, when she later finds Holly's old phone, containing a message from her daughter's former drug dealer, will the mum be tempted to seek out a different form of medication?

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