Robert may have fooled some of the village, but it seems Emmerdale's younger generation can see right through him, as Lachlan suspects him of using Rebecca to get back into the business - and Liv goes a step further and informs the mum-to-be that Robert hates her.

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For good measure, Liv then steals his car and a bottle of brandy. That would be a dangerous combination at the best of times, but the bottle has been spiked, and Robert later discovers her passed out in a ditch by the side of the road.


He comes clean to the hospital that the teen has taken diazepam as well as booze, leaving Aaron furious that his sister's life has been put in danger, but will there be any further consequences?

Let's hope so, as Robert is about to offer to keep any eye on Lawrence after he receives a letter from Ronnie...

Debbie is unsure where she stands following a lunch date with Tom, while Adam's hopes are raised when Victoria misses a festival to drive him to the hospital, and Arthur worries how Gabby will react when she learns about the damaged memory card.