Emmerdale spoilers: It's all falling apart for killer Emma

Emma starts to crack when son Finn discovers a mysterious note in her pocket...

Last updated: 12 August 2017 - 09.27am

Ross is already having doubts about Emma, but this week it's Finn's turn to realise that his mum may be a deranged bunny boiler.

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The nurse panics when she discovers Finn is cleaning out Wylie's farm, and heads there first to dispose of anything incriminating. But when her son realises she's pocketed a note reading 'I Do Not', he knows something is amiss.


His suspicions increase when Emma reveals that she got rid of her wedding dress (as she's the Emmerdale resident most likely to turn into soap's answer to Miss Havisham, you can see why he thought she'd keep it), and he demands to know exactly what happened in the days leading up to James's death. But how will he react to her admission that she really was on the bridge?

Elsewhere, Pete's wedding day arrives and he wonders if he should come clean about his fling with Priya, unaware that bride Leyla is also coming down with a serious case of cold feet.

Megan pushes on with her plan to get rid of Frank, but the week's biggest bombshell is that Cain apologises - and to a bishop, no less.