Emmerdale spoilers: Will struggling Moira give up her baby?

Struggling Moira offers her baby to Adam and Victoria.

Last updated: 13 November 2017 - 7.25am

It's Isaac's christening, which is bad timing as a struggling Moira can barely summon up the energy to register her son's birth first, let alone play happy families in front of the guests.

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Adam and Victoria agree to be godparents, although they may have thought twice if they knew that later in the week, Moira would crash their adoption meeting to say they can just take Isaac instead.

However, Faith has an alternate plan to ensure Isaac's future - and it involves reminding Cain of his own troubled past.

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Faith also has problems of her own to deal with as she rekindles her romance with Pollard, who is feeling very guilty about his part in the plans to turf the Dingles out of their home.

Speaking of guilty consciences, Robert is touched by Rebecca's choice of baby name and Lawrence's offer of a stake in Home Farm, but is he serious about finally doing right by the Whites?

Paddy and Chas consider going public, just as Rhona's feelings for her ex begin to grow, and Nicola reluctantly agrees to hand over the late Mrs Dumphrey's winnings should the real heir appear.

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