Rhona asks Vanessa to get involved in the wedding - maybe it's starting to dawn on her that if she goes through with marrying Pierce, she's going to need all the friends she can get.

But while Vanessa is pleased to support the bride, she still has doubts about the groom, which only intensify after she sees one of his old university mates give him a note that he later discards. So, Vanessa picks up the piece of paper and texts the number on it...


Pierce's controlling side surfaces again when he abandons his stag do to check on the hen party, but while Rhona seems pleased to see him, how will she feel when Vanessa walks in with a mystery guest?

Elsewhere, Diane pays for Victoria and Adam to have fertility tests - and the results are not what the young couple were hoping to hear. Adam takes the news particularly badly, and ends up taking his frustrations out on Ronnie.

Chrissie fails to buy Lachlan's affection with a Porsche, Finn asks Rebecca to invest in the taxi firm, and it looks like even a dog collar can't protect Harriet from the raw animal magnetism of Cain Dingle.