Emmerdale spoilers: Rhona heads to rehab and Dan discovers a bloodied Josh

Rhona gives a tearful goodbye as she heads off to rehab and Dan is shocked to discover a motionless, bloodied Josh...

Last updated: 13 May 2017 - 11.33am

Marlon is planning to pop the question to Carly, but it's looking unlikely he'll catch her in a romantic mood after she encounters her ex Matt in the Woolpack. The reunion is far from happy as he wants to know why she didn't tell him Billy had died, while she accuses him of abandoning her and their son.

When Marlon sees how upset his girlfriend is, he tries to bundle Matt out of the pub, and gets punched for his troubles. But has the meeting stirred up something more than just grief and resentment for Carly?


Elsewhere, Jai insists that Nell moves into Holdgate, but she may be given her marching orders again after Priya finds little Amba with a fistful of pills. And as if Nell wasn't already in enough trouble, she manages to catch Ross's eye.

Dan belatedly decides to take a stand against Josh and Jamie, but when he arrives to confront them, he finds Josh lying motionless and bleeding from a head injury...

Vanessa is relieved when Rhona agrees to go to rehab and Zak tries to drum up business for Victoria's food van by serving up meaty burgers - at a vegan market.

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