Emmerdale spoilers: Rhona's big day arrives...

It's Rhona's big day but it's controlling Pierce who suddenly has cold feet...

Last updated: 18 April 2017 - 11.02am

Rhona's wedding day arrives, and despite all the signs that she should be the one running for the hills, it's Pierce who seems to be in danger of coming down with cold feet.

But despite those jitters, the ceremony goes ahead as planned - and the villagers throw themselves into the celebrations at the Woolpack (even Paddy puts on a brave face as he gives his ex his blessing along with his mother's necklace).


Sadly, when the bride and groom leave the party, Pierce finally drops any pretence of being Mr Nice Guy. The newlyweds get into a row, which ends in him pushing Rhona to the floor in a violent attack. She's left in a state of shock, but can she escape her new husband - and will she go to the police about what happened?

Elsewhere, Jai decides to take Nell under his wing, although Priya is less impressed with his new protege, and Megan makes a mistake regarding Eliza's safety.

Zak is worried about Belle and Lachlan's friendship, while history threatens to repeat itself as Adam seeks solace with Vanessa after a row with Victoria. Isn't that how the whole 'who's Johnny's daddy?' storyline started?

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