Emmerdale spoilers: Robert reveals all to Aaron

How will Robert react when Aaron confesses all? Elsewhere, Tracy decides to turn herself into the police...

Last updated: 16 May 2017 - 01.33pm

For possibly the first time in his life, Aaron is feeling relaxed following his holiday, but it doesn't take Robert long to tense up again when he bumps into Rebecca, who admits she hasn't had a termination.

In fact, Robert is so stressed, Rebecca starts to feel sorry for him and she asks Ross to stop blackmailing him before admitting to Victoria that she's thinking about keeping the baby.

But as he prepares first night in his new marital home, Robert's conscience gets the better of him and he ends up revealing the truth about his dalliance. How will Aaron react?


Elsewhere, Tracy decides to turn herself in to the police using the recording of the attack as evidence. David has other ideas, but finds himself in a race to get to the police station before Kerry can give her version of events...

Charity blackmails Debbie and Rebecca into letting her in on their business venture, but they should probably include Moira too, who fears the worst when she hears noises in the barn.

And Sam takes Lydia under his wing - and proves to be a surprisingly effective mentor when he finds her somewhere to live.

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