Emmerdale spoilers: Ross shoots Joe Tate?

Ross goes after Joe Tate with a loaded gun. Will Joe betray Debbie and tell Ross the truth? Or quite literally take a bullet?

Last updated: 20 May 2018 - 6.15pm

Ross lets his fists do the talking when he introduces himself to Simon's mate Connor by punching him in the face. So really, Connor only has himself to blame when he recruits the volatile Barton as a dealer, only for the plan to backfire when Ross's car is stolen with the drugs inside.

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And while Connor may turn a blind eye to someone hitting him, he's less forgiving about missing narcotics and threatens to take his anger out on Debbie.

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But she could be in even greater danger when Ross discovers Simon was paid to keep quiet, leading him to believe that Joe was involved in the acid attack. As Ross sets out to confront Joe armed with a gun, will the businessman take the blame or reveal Debbie's terrible secret? Either way, someone is going to get shot...

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Elsewhere, Bob's plan to keep things civil between him and Brenda for the kids' sake threatens to go up in smoke (literally) and Leanna has a bright idea when Jacob and Gabby miss the school bus.

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