Emmerdale spoilers: Tracy's prostitution past exposed?

Newcomer Phil blackmails Tracy. Will David learn the truth?

Last updated: 16 February 2018 - 7.16am

Phil reveals that he knows Tracy used to work as a prostitute because not only is he one of her former clients but he has the video footage to prove it. If that wasn't sleazy enough, he claims that unless she gives him £1,000, he's going to share the evidence with David.

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Tracy can't quite bring herself to pay off her blackmailer, so Phil suggests they come to some other arrangement. But when David suspects his wife is up to something and follows her to a hotel, will the whole sordid truth come out anyway?

emmerdale spoilers february 2018

Elsewhere, Victoria proves again that she's Emmerdale's champion meddler when she invites Aaron on a girls' night out to a gay bar, knowing full well Robert will be there. However, she doesn't count on Alex turning up too. Meanwhile, Charity, who claimed not to be into commitment, feels strangely jealous when she realises Vanessa has gone to the bar without her.

Ross struggles to come to terms with injuries and vows to find whoever attacked him, much to Debbie's unease, while Sandy makes a final toast to the village. It won't be the same without him.

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