Vanessa's night of passion with Charity has left her feeling confused, so what she really needs is some space and privacy to figure out her sexuality. Sadly, that's not going to happen as she runs into Paddy while attempting to sneak out of the Woolpack, and Charity, who at this point is used to the neighbours knowing all about her sex life, is highly amused by the vet's attempts to keep their encounter under wraps.

Rhona tries to support her friend, but with all the gossip swirling, Vanessa decides to prove to everyone that she's straight - by propositioning Daz.

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Megan's attempts to play peacemaker for Priya and Leyla seem doomed to end in failure, but will they be forced to work together when disaster strikes while they're babysitting little Eliza?

Robert is nervous when Chrissie gets involved in the RTB investment deal and orchestrates a near-death experience to stop her asking awkward questions...

Lisa is excited to throw Sam and Lydia an engagement party, DS Benton asks questions about Emma, and Amelia unwittingly puts her family in danger when she uploads a photo of Daz online.