Emmerdale spoilers: Which White will die TONIGHT?

A tragic crash will claim the life of at least one White family tonight.

Robert Sugden is franticly concerned that the White family are fleeing to Australia – and taking baby Seb with them.

And it seems like he’s about to lose his son faster than he anticipated as the Whites have just sold Home Farm to Joe Tate.

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In a desperate bid to keep Seb in the Yorkshire Dales, Robert will kidnap his son tonight – triggering a tragic and fatal car chase and crash for the White family.

We know for a fact that at least one White family will be killed – but who?

Lawrence White

lawrence white

We found out last year that Lawrence White was to be written out of the soap so it seems highly likely that his luck will run out tonight. We’ve seen Lawrence cheat death multiple times by now, including being accidentally shot by his grandson Lachlan White.

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Chrissie White

chrissie white

There have been rumours flying around for months about Louise Marwood, who’s been playing Chrissie White in Emmerdale since 2014. Preview images show Chrissie driving the car in the crash scenes, perhaps putting her most at risk.

Rebecca White

rebecca white

We haven’t heard that Emily Head, who’s been playing Rebecca White since 2016, is set to leave the Dales – but we all know that soaps love a shock exit. With Robron due to reunite at some point this year, this may leave Rebecca at somewhat of a loose end.

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And Robert declared after his bizarre A Christmas Carol meets Groundhog Day experience that he wants to be the best dad possible – and with Rebecca out of the way, could it provide the perfect opportunity for Robert to live up to his promises?

Lachlan White

lachlan white

Creepy Lachlan does not want to leave the village. He's still in love with Belle Dingle - who he sees as his ticket to a resemblance of a normal life. We also know that it'll be Lachlan who grabs the wheel from his mum Chrissie, causing the epic crash. 

Lachlan’s demise wouldn’t go unwarranted. Not only did he shoot his grandad Lawrence, but he framed Robert for assault and faked his own suicide. Could he be the one that perishes?

Tune in tonight at 7pm to find out who will be the victim of Emmerdale’s first major stunt of the year. 

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