Emmerdale spoilers: The Dingles' house destroyed forever?

Is the Dingle home about to be obliterated? And will Samson and Noah get out alive?

The Dingles have been battling developers for what seems like months now over plans to turn the land and the house the Dingles have lived in for decades into a fancy golf course.

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And next week it looks like they will be losing their beloved Wishing Well Cottage forever. Lured to a Home Farm meeting by its new owner Joe Tate to discuss a potential deal with the developers, Zak and Lisa Dingle will be completely unaware that they’ve been tricked and that a bulldozer has arrived at their farm ready to knock it down.

joe tate dingle family

Speaking at a recent Emmerdale press event, Steve Halliwell, who’s been playing Dingle patriarch Zak Dingle since 1994, discussed what losing the Dingle home and farm will mean to his character:

“It’s his homestead. It has been his home, even before he met Lisa it was his home with his first wife. And all the children have been born there. So he's just ... As he says in one of the episodes, the house is like another Dingle to him,” Steve told us.

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Jane Cox, who’s been playing Lisa Dingle since 1996, said seeing the Dingle home destroyed was not just upsetting for her character but for the Emmerdale cast too.

“We're absolutely devastated. You can still see through the horrible hole in the wall right into the rest of the house. We're just completely shocked. That night, as we were filming it, we were standing in the mud. The filming was done at a couple of night shoots. It was genuinely shocking when we saw the devastation the digger had caused. “

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Viewers will be just as shocked when, after knocking on the Dingles' door and receiving no response, the foreman orders his men to begin bulldozing the property. What he doesn't know is that Samson and Noah are still inside, obliviously playing games on their VR headsets.

Will Samson and Noah be OK, or are they about to become the latest victims of evil Joe Tate's revenge plot?