Emmerdale: Who is Graham Foster? Could he be Graham Clark?

Could Joe Tate's loyal right-hand man Graham really be the murderer of his boss's mum Rachel? The clues are there...

Viewers were left dumbfounded last week when Tom Waterhouse’s true identity was revealed – he is actually Joe Tate, orphaned son of Chris Tate and Rachel Hughes.

Joe has returned from the Antipodes still blaming his stepmother Charity Dingle for the suicide of his dad, and is seemingly set on destroying the entire Dingle family in revenge.

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He's wasted no time in wreaking vengeance. After breaking Debbie Dingle’s heart and taking Home Farm back into the Tate name, next week he’s set to order the Dingle home to be bulldozed.

But is there an even more sinister twist to the already dark storyline? Fans have pointed out that Joe's mysterious right-hand man and driver Graham Foster (played by Downton Abbey’s Andrew Scarborough) has the same first name as creepy schoolteacher Graham Clark who murdered his mother Rachel.

graham clark rachel hughes

Having already murdered his first wife, the deranged Graham pushed Rachel to her death from a cliff in 1999 and then went on to attempt to steer Kathy Glover off a cliff in 2000. While Kathy escaped the crash, Graham was presumed to have fallen to his death in the burning vehicle – but his body was never shown.

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And as we know it’s far from unusual for soap characters to return from the dead years after they departed…

Could Graham have escaped and tracked down Rachel’s son in some twisted plan to get a hold of the Tate’s fortunes? Could Joe be his next victim? Or is he simply the one to put a stop to Joe's epic revenge plans?

We have no idea. But we were left surprised when Graham returned Sarah Sugden's health insurance to her after Joe instructed him to destroy it.

Do you think there’s more than meets the eye to Graham? And like Joe Tate, could Graham Foster be hiding his true identity? Share your thoughts in the comments below…

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