Emmerdale: Who is Joseph Tate? Tom Waterhouse reveals his true identity…

In a shocking soap twist, Emmerdale newbie Tom revealed that he’d been deceiving poor Debbie Dingle all along.

We’ve had our suspicions about Tom Waterhouse ever since he arrived in Emmerdale a few months ago alongside his right-hand man Graham Foster.

A successful young businessman, his past as been shrouded in mystery, and fans have long speculated that he might be up to no good with his new love interest Debbie Dingle.

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And it turns out they were right – not only has he tricked Debbie into signing over the Dingles home and farm to be destroyed to make way for a fancy golf course – but he’s none other than – Joseph Tate.

jo tate emmerdale

Tom dropped the bombshell that Tom Waterhouse is nothing but a pseudonym and he is really Joseph Tate, the son of the late Chris Tate. He’s back in town to wreak revenge on Debbie’s mum Charity, who he believes is responsible for his father’s death.

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As he evicted Debbie he told her: “I was buying you Debbie – it was so easy – like mother like daughter”. Later on, in a particularly chilling moment, Joe tells his confidant Graham “This is just the beginning – there is plenty more to come…”

Suffice to say, there’s a new villain in town and given the scandal embroiled in the Tate family of years past, we can only guess he’s going to unleash absolute hell on the village.

Who is Joseph Tate?

Joseph is the child of Chris Tate and Rachel Hughes, who are now both dead.

Rachel and Chris married in 1995 and they had son Joseph later the same year. However, their marriage didn’t last and by 1996 they were divorced. Rachel received full custody of Joseph but she was pushed to her death from a clifftop by her boyfriend, creepy schoolteacher Graham Clark, in 1999.

joseph tate

Joe then went back to live with Chris Tate on Home Farm. Chris married Charity Dingle in 2001, but when Chris discovered that he not only had an inoperable brain tumour, but that Charity was cheating on him with her second cousin Cain Dingle, he took his own life – framing Charity in the process. She served prison time until her sister Zoe helped give evidence in court that her brother committed suicide in return for custody of Charity’s son (and Joe's half-brother) Noah.

The orphaned Joe was also taken into the custody of his aunt Zoe, and they left the soap in 2005 for a new life in New Zealand. Although Charity was exonerated for the death of his dad Chris, he clearly still bares a grudge and believes that she caused his dad’s death.

Since then he’s supposedly spent his youth in boarding school in Australia, but has returned to England as a young man and has quickly established himself as a successful businessman. Now a man of substance, he’s seems intent on now using his power and wealth to destroy not just Charity, but the entire Dingle clan…