Gemma Atkinson denies Carly Hope Emmerdale exit rumours

With her character’s future thrown into chaos, will Carly stay or go?

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Last updated:20 March 2017 - 12.02pm

Soap actress Gemma Atkinson has said she would return to Casualty if the chance arose.

Atkinson, 32,  has played Carly in Emmerdale for the last two years.

Prior to that she was a fixture on popular soap Hollyoaks and had landed roles in The Bill and Waterloo Road.

Gemma in Emmerdale.
Gemma in Emmerdale (ITV)


She told The Express’s Saturday magazine: “I absolutely loved it and would definitely consider going back (to Casualty) if they asked me.

“The only downside is that it’s filmed in Cardiff, which is so far away from my home.

“When I was last in the show I lived in a hotel, on and off, for three years. The beauty of Emmerdale is that I can go home every night, which is perfect.”

When April Windsor chokes violently on a sweet, Marlon Dingle is shocked to realise Carly Hope (Gemma Atkinson) does nothing to help her.
Gemma plays Carly Hope on Emmerdale (ITV)


She played the role of Tamzin Bayle  on the BBC medical drama.

Viewers will see her Emmerdale character battling a big decision regarding her future with Marlon in the next few days.

Carly doesn’t help Maron’s young daughter April when she starts choking on a sweet, sparking a rift between them.

But Gemma says she is staying with Emmerdale, despite reports hinting she may be considering leaving.

She said: “Emmerdale is one of the best shows I’ve worked on and I absolutely love it. I’m very happy.”

The former model also has another job as a presenter on Manchester’s Key 103 radio station.

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