Holby City fans fear for show's future

The future is unclear for the BBC soap’s hospital.

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Last updated:10 November 2017 - 11.20am

Holby City fans are praying that this will not be the end for the much-loved fictional hospital as it faces the threat of a merger.

The BBC One medical soap saw tension mount on Tuesday night as bosses received NHS documents outlining plans to combine Holby City with St Francis Hospitals.

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While CEO Henrik Hanssen (Guy Henry) welcomed some unexpected support in the form of fellow consultant general surgeon, Sacha Levy (Bob Barrett), the future is still uncertain.

With a blurred horizon ahead, fans took to Twitter in a spontaneous campaign to save the hospital that has become a familiar TV scene for almost 20 years.

As the show’s account called for support, one viewer posted: “I’m in, what do we need to do? Will follow these two into battle anytime.”

“Oh Henrik keep your chin up…you can handle this,” added another, while one joked: “Stock up on supplies, arm yourselves and repel all boarders…Give Hansen a baseball bat and a leather jacket.”

One worried viewer questioned: “Could this be the end of holby?”

Suggesting that all is not yet lost, the show responded to the growing army of supporters: “We’ll let you know – the fight has only just begun!”

Holby City will continue on BBC One at 8pm on Tuesday.

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