Maxine inadvertently inspires Jesse to make a start on planning his wedding - and the first thing on his to-do list is publicly 're-proposing' to Darcy.

However, his bride-to-be may have bigger things on her mind after she's spooked by some information from her private investigator. She reacts to the news by asking Adam for money, claiming it's for Toby's treatment, but when the detective fails to get his fee, he puts in a call to Tracey.

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Meanwhile, Tracey could probably do with some cash of her own as she asks Grace to come to Paris with her, but her daughter has other plans.

Elsewhere, Joel moves into the McQueens after making up with Cleo, but begins to realise that he will also be living with the ghost of Bart.

Scott is jealous when Brody is included in Damon's birthday celebrations, and makes up a lie that quickly gets out of hand.

Courtney is forced to deny having feelings for Jesse, while Neeta and Hunter are paired up for an art project - and soon find themselves caught up in a playful paint fight.