Hollyoaks’ Duncan James ‘sad’ that Ryan was unmasked as Amy’s killer

Duncan James wanted Ryan to have really loved Amy.

Press Association
Last updated:09 October 2017 - 08.40pm

Duncan James has said he was “gutted” when he discovered that his Hollyoaks alter ego was Amy Barnes’s killer.

The whodunit storyline came to a close in Monday night’s instalment of the Channel 4 soap, as it was revealed that James’s character Ryan Knight had murdered his new wife Amy (Ashley Slanina-Davies).

A flashback showed that he killed her after a row in which Amy said she would tell people Ryan was gay.

The actor, 39, said he and the rest of the cast had been in suspense for a long time, with soap bosses filming different endings to keep them in suspense.

He said of finding out it was Ryan: “I was sad because I really wanted Ryan to really love Amy.

“I really wanted him to be genuinely, completely in love, gutted and heartbroken that the love of his life had been killed.

“So when I found out it was Ryan, I was gutted.”

Many viewers were also stunned to discover that Ryan was guilty.

“Omg Ryan killed Amy I’m totally shocked #hollyoaks does that mean he’s leaving,” said one fan on Twitter.

“WOW. I am shocked,” tweeted another.

Others wondered whether there would be a twist.

“I had a suspicion that it was Ryan at the start but got over it but now…it’s back to him. However, does it end there?” questioned one viewer.

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