Hollyoaks spoilers: Warren's stalker is revealed

Warren finally comes face to face with his stalker as Sienna has her operation.

Last updated: 08 August 2017 - 10.41am

Pregnant women should ideally try to avoid stress, but there's little chance of that this week for Sienna, when she discovers her operation has been brought forward to the next day. Just to add to her pressure, she then misplaces the necklace Warren gave her to show his support and runs out of the hospital to find it...

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Meanwhile, Warren is also feeling the strain of juggling an ailing pregnant girlfriend and a blackmailer, but after taking his anger out on a couple of villagers, he eventually spots his tormentor.

warren hollyoaks stalker

Grace tracks down Tracey, but needs to turn to the professionals and hire a private investigator to dig up some dirt on Darcy.

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The green-eyed monster is on the prowl as Neeta is upset to spy Hunter kissing Peri, while Joel witnesses Brody and Damon battling it out for Cleo's affections - and then asks the winner about his intentions.

Tom borrows Darren's car, unaware there's a stash of heroin along with the spare tyre in the boot, while Misbah is angry to find Tegan offering medication to Yasmine.

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