Hollyoaks' Tamara Wall: Dylan's death could destroy Grace and Trevor

The actress thinks Trevor may never forgive Grace for Dylan’s death.

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Last updated: 29 August 2015 - 12.10am

Hollyoaks star Tamara Wall has admitted Dylan Royle’s death could tear Grace Black and Trevor Royle apart.

Trevor’s son Dylan died after trying to rescue Kim Butterfield and Esther Bloom from a car crash caused by Grace, and Trevor could end up blaming Grace.

Tamara said: “Of course his death will affect them!

Trevor Royle and Grace Black in Hollyoaks
Trevor’s son Dylan died after the crash Grace caused (Lime Pictures)

“As soon as Dylan turned up in the village, Grace straight away didn’t want anything to do with him. She wanted her life with just her Trevor and their baby, so she’s hated him from day one really.

“So there’s always been a lot of bitterness between Trevor and Grace over that, but they’ve kind of got through it and made it work.

“When the car chase happens it’s kind of Grace’s fault, so when he dies that’s the person who’s going to get the blame.”

Tamara is nominated for Best Bad Girl at this year’s Inside Soap Awards as well as Best Partnership with Greg Wood, who plays Trevor.

Trevor Royle and Grace Black in Hollyoaks
Trevor and Grace are like the Bonnie and Clyde of Hollyoaks (Lime Pictures)

She said: “That award means the most to me, because I came into this show two years ago and Grace and Trevor have been together since the start. They have been through everything – they’ve tried to run away, they’ve broken up, they’ve got back together, they’ve tried to have a baby, they’ve been shot, they have literally done everything there is to do as a couple.

“We work together every single day and thankfully we really get on, so for me it’s nice that people appreciate that.”

Voting for the Inside Soap Awards closes on Monday.

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