Meet Hollyoaks' new hunk: Myra McQueen's Venezuelan toy boy!

But Myra’s been keeping a few big secrets from her new lover…

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Last updated: 13 November 2015 - 7.40pm

Hollyoaks’ Myra McQueen is about to make her return to the village after living the high life in Spain with daughters Michaela and Jacqui – and she’s not alone.

Let us introduce the soap’s newest recruit Juan Pablo Yepez, who’ll be playing her hunky new Venezuelan toy boy Diego Martinez.

Hollyoaks' Myra McQueen and Diego Martinez
Hollyoaks’ Myra McQueen and her new toy boy Diego Martinez (Charles Fearn/Lime Productions)

Myra (Nicole Barber-Lane) knows her tight-knit family might not react well to a new stranger in the household so she’s keeping Diego a secret.

But she’s keeping a few secrets from Diego too, who’s convinced he’s bagged himself an aristocrat after Myra told him she was “Countess MacCoin of Chester”.

So will the fairytale last when he finds out she’s not a landed lady but matriarch of the village’s most infamous family, the McQueens? And how will her family react?

New resident Diego causes a stir on Hollyoaks (Charles Fearn/Lime Pictures)

Juan revealed more about how this unlikely couple came to be.

“He’s not who you would picture Myra with but once you get to know them as a couple you will understand why they’re together.

“They met at a bar in Spain, they were both there with their friends and they literally bumped into each other and it was like fireworks. The rest is history after that.

“What you can expect from this unlikely pair? It’s a lot of fun, lots of laughs, everything extroverted and, being the most exotic couple ever in the history of Hollyoaks, I think you guys are going to like them,” he added.

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