Corrie: Christmas storyline sees Steve and Tracy back in each other's arms

Exes Tracy Barlow and Steve McDonald are set to reunite for Christmas - and daughter Amy is none too happy about it.

Six-times-married cabbie Steve McDonald is set to get back with Tracy Barlow - his ex-wife and the mother of his only daughter - this Christmas.

The unlikely lothario has certainly had his ups and downs with Tracy, who has long been portrayed as a Coronation Street villain.

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And since their short-lived marriage of 2012, they’ve both had a string of absolutely disastrous relationships and we’re guessing that the loneliness of spending Christmas alone and single – once again – will bring them back together.

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Top Corrie producer Kate Oates told The Sun that it will be a humorous affair, but one that daughter Amy will be none too happy about.

“I think she’s just worried that it will end in tears,” said Kate. “Because she knows that they’re both walking car crashes and everything’s kinda alright and they kinda get on, and I think she’s really afraid of them getting together and then it all imploding so she’s not very happy to start with.”

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“But I really like Steve and Tracy,” Kate added. “You can see what sort of thing has drawn them back together - they’ve both been around the block so many times that, in a way, maybe they should be brought back together for a while.”

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Astute Corrie fans will have noticed that over the past months there have been several hints that the pair might be rekindling their affection for one another. Just last month Tracy’s florist employee Mary Taylor even asked her outright if she still had feelings for Steve, and she didn’t really give a clear answer.

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