Perry Fenwick calls for Dot Cotton actress June Brown to win a Bafta

The veteran actress missed out on a Bafta in 2009.

Press Association
Last updated: 14 March 2017 - 6.50pm

EastEnders star Perry Fenwick has called for a campaign to be launched demanding June Brown is given a Bafta for her long-running portrayal of Dot Cotton.

The veteran actress, who turned 90 last month, was recognised with a special prize at the Television and Radio Industries Club Awards on Tuesday for her contribution to the industry.

Afterwards, June was lauded by her co-stars, with Perry, who plays Billy Mitchell, urging the British Academy of Film and Television Arts to hand out a similar prize for her 32-year role as Dot.

June Brown
June Brown (Ian West/PA)

Speaking backstage at the award show in central London, Harry Reid, who stars as Billy’s son, Ben Mitchell, joked the cast would be “on strike” until she wins a Bafta.

“We aren’t doing any more shows until she wins it,” he said.

June was nominated for a Bafta for best actress in 2009 but missed out on the prize, which Perry called a mistake.

He said: “They should have a re-think about that Bafta, I think they made a real ricket a few years ago and maybe they should have a little think.

“Put it in the papers or something and start a little thing because she deserved it that year.”

June Brown and John Altman
June Brown and John Altman (Ian West/PA)

Emma Barton, who plays Honey Mitchell, said: “June Brown is June Brown, we all love her, we all respect her.

“She treats everyone, every single individual at Elstree, with the utmost respect and we return that.

“We learn so much from her, she’s gorgeous.”