Robron fans given hope as Emmerdale’s Aaron shows he still cares for Robert

A sliver of hope for Emmerdale’s favourite former couple.

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Last updated:09 August 2017 - 08.40pm

Fans of Emmerdale’s favourite split couple, Robert Sugden and Aaron Dingle, were offered a sliver of hope in Wednesday night’s episode.

A month ago the couple, nicknamed Robron and portrayed by Ryan Hawley and Danny Miller respectively, split after a huge fight as they prepared to leave for a new life in Dublin.

Since then, disappointed fans have looked for any signs of the pair possibly reuniting with little to no luck.

A sign that Aaron still cared for Robert – who is busy scheming against the White family – was on show on Wednesday night as the pair enjoyed a catch-up.

And later, speaking to his sister, Aaron grew tearful as he asked her to “keep an eye” on Robert .

Fans on Twitter lapped up the interest with one posting: “There is still hope. Aaron does care.”

Another posted: “Lovely episode today with our boys! Happy to see some walls beginning to weaken.”

One wrote: “#Robron catch-up! Aww Aaron still cares about his man. Aaron may be Rob’s number 1 priority, but Rob is Aaron’s too.”

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