Ross Kemp leads 80th birthday tributes to Dame Barbara Windsor

The former EastEnders and Carry On star was flooded with birthday messages.

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Last updated:07 August 2017 - 11.20am

Dame Barbara Windsor celebrated her 80th birthday on Sunday and was inundated with congratulatory messages from fans and showbiz pals alike.

Leading the way was former EastEnders co-star and on-screen son Ross Kemp, who dubbed the actress a “legend”.

He shared a snap of the pair on Twitter with the caption: “Happy 80th birthday to the legend, Dame Barbara, love her.”

Allo’ Allo’ actress Vicki Michelle also shared a photo with Dame Barbara and wrote: “Happy Birthday to the fabulous Dame Barbara Windsor.”

One fan wrote on Twitter: “Happy Birthday to the beautiful and original Queen Babs. Have a lovely day forever young.”

Kent O’Callaghan posted: “I can’t believe that this fabulously glamorous lady Dame Barbara Windsor is 80 years of age today! What a legend! Happy Birthday.”

Choreographer Sir Matthew Bourne wrote on Instagram: “Wishing #DameBarbaraWindsor #NationalTreasure and beloved actress, a very HAPPYBIRTHDAY!

“Somehow she makes us all feel like she is our special friend and a part of the family… We love you Babs!

Dame Barbara works with a number of charities – several of which also offered birthday wishes.

Age UK wrote: “Everyone at Age UK would like to wish our very special ambassador Dame Barbara Windsor a happy 80th birthday.”

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