Soap fans react to Roscoe's move

Soap fans gave mixed reactions to Freddie Roscoe pointing the finger at Sam Lomax for Fraser Black's murder.

Press Association
Last updated: 20 August 2014 - 12.17pm

Hollyoaks has had a mixed reaction from fans after Freddie Roscoe framed the late Sam Lomax for the murder of Fraser Black.

The bad boy, played by Charlie Clapham, blamed the dead policewoman (Lizzie Roper) when police turned up with a warrant to search her house, following a wake for Sam and her husband Danny (Stephen Billington) held by the Lomax family.

After rooting around upstairs, the cops found a bullet shell, along with a signed confession from Sam, who died in a car crash.

Some fans of the Channel 4 soap marvelled at Freddie's stroke of genius, with one writing on Twitter: "FREDDIE HAS TURNED INTO AN EVIL GENIUS AND I LOVE IT #Hollyoaks."

But others said it was a mean move, with one viewer writing: "Smart thinkin Freddie but tight to put it on Sam. Lomaxes have been through enough without your lies!"

Another wrote: "Blame a dead woman why don't you, Freddie."

Freddie - whose murderous confession is out of the bag after it was overheard by his mum Sandy (Gillian Taylforth) - was revealed as Fraser's killer in flashback scenes in July, following his death in April. He previously framed his brother Joe (Ayden Callaghan) for Fraser's murder.