Underworld collapse sparks a whodunnit in Coronation Street

The disaster leaves one person dead – and a long list of suspects.

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Last updated: 12 March 2019 - 12.11am

Corrie’s Carla Connor finds herself at the centre of a dramatic whodunnit when the Underworld factory collapses – leaving one Weatherfield resident dead.

Dramatic scenes in the ITV soap will see several people trapped beneath the rubble after the building tumbles down.

Viewers see a shadowy figure sabotaging the factory roof, indicating that the collapse was not an accident.

Carla, played by Alison King, had already told Nick that her plans to outsource the factory stem from the fact that she is in financial trouble and can’t afford to fund the roof repairs to keep the building open – putting her firmly on the list of suspects.

Alison King  at an awards show
Alison King (PA)

However, Robert is also a possibility as he has not hidden the fact that he is out to get Carla for interfering in his relationship with Michelle.

Peter was angry at being blamed for saddling Carla with Nick as a partner. Blighted by the rejection of the woman he was prepared to give it all up for, did Peter lash out before Carla came after him?

Meanwhile, Nick has made it clear he would be better off if the business went up in smoke. Could this be an insurance job?

Other suspects include Gary, who was responsible for the roof repairs, and Seb, who wants to see Gary suffer as a result of their ongoing feud.

Soap bosses are keeping quiet about who dies in the collapse, but possible victims include Sally or Gina, as the pair are hanging banners on top of the factory when the roof gives way.

Chris Gascoyne on the red carpet
Chris Gascoyne plays Peter Barlow in Corrie (PA)

Rescuers including Tim, Abi and Tyrone, who rush into the building to help, could also be in danger.

It could also be someone who works at Underworld, as on the day of the disaster the factory staff, joined by Gemma and Emma, have barricaded themselves into the building to demonstrate against Carla’s new business model.

As the residents look for someone to blame, health and safety inspector Wayne, who years ago was fostered by Roy and Hayley, arrives on the street to investigate.

As questions are asked and fingers pointed, who will crack under the pressure and how long can the truth stay buried?

Coronation Street airs on ITV.

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