Emmerdale viewers shocked by naked Ross Barton scenes

All storylines were overshadowed by one character’s unexpected entrance.

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Last updated:18 July 2017 - 10.16am

Emmerdale viewers have been left shocked, and apparently delighted, after Ross Barton strolled “naked” onto the screen.

The ITV soap character, played by Michael Parr, showed off his abs and legs in Monday’s pre-watershed episode – but the carefully placed bar protected anything more from being on show.

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The unexpectedly fleshy scene came as Ross and Debbie Dingle (Charley Webb) continue to grapple with their mutual attraction.

But Debbie wasn’t the only one who could barely conceal a grin, with viewers commenting via Twitter with everything from thank you messages to the Emmerdale writers, to ogling cartoon Gifs.

Parr also took to Twitter himself in response to “chicken leg” teases from his fans, joking that they belonged to somebody else.

He tweeted: “Mine were too wide for the shot so we had to cover one of the make up girls legs in pubes and let her go out.”

But his followers were not convinced, with one replying: “Never skip leg day!”

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