Where is Neighbours filmed? Is Erinsborough a real place? Can I visit the real Ramsay Street?

Find out where the popular Aussie soap is filmed and how you can visit the set…

Neighbours has been a weekday soap staple ever since it launched way back in 1985. But is Ramsay Street a real place? And does Erinsborough really exist? Get the answers and more below…

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Ramsay Street, the iconic cul-de-sac where ‘good neighbours become good friends’ has been a fixture on our TV screens for more than 30 years and over the course of almost 8,000 episodes has witnessed plenty of joy and heartbreak. 

The fictional street was named after the grandfather of original Neighbours character Max Ramsay, who appeared in the pilot episode that aired in March 1985 but who left the show in May 1986, by which time his sister Madge and niece Charlene had moved in.

External shots of 'Ramsay Street' are filmed on an actual residential street called Pin Oak Court in the Melbourne suburb of Vermont.

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However, all interior scenes are filmed in a studio - Studio B of the Global Television Complex - located in another part of Melbourne called Nunawading.

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Many of the other component parts of the Neighbours community are filmed within the studios including Erinsborough High School, Erinsborough Hospital, Fitzgerald Motors and Lassiter’s Complex.

Is Erinsborough a real Australian town?

No. Erinsborough is a fictional suburb where Ramsay Street is based and where most other Neighbours characters reside. 'Erinsborough' is almost an anagram of 'Neighbours' - with an 'o' and an 'r' left over.


For years Neighbours writers didn’t let on exactly where Erinsborough was in Australia because the bitter city rivalry between Melbourne and Sydney might have cost them viewers. However, as it’s always been filmed in Melbourne, its fictional setting was pretty obvious, and by the 2000s Neighbours characters began making reference to Melbourne.

The inter-city rivalry even spilled over into the soaps, with Neighbours' rival Home and Away being set in Sydney's Northern Beaches since its launch in 1988.

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Can I visit the Neighbours set?

Yes! Neighbours runs an ‘Official Neighbours Tour’ where you can purchase tickets to tour the studios and even meet some of the cast members. Guest are taken through a guided tour of the studios and given plenty of photo opportunities – including one with the famous Ramsay Street sign. 

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