It’s been a turbulent time on the Cobbles of late, with so many actors coming and going that you might find it hard to keep up with the current residents.

So here is our handy guide to all the actors leaving, returning and joining Coronation Street…

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Off-Screen Death

Katy Armstrong (Georgia May Foote)

Georgia May Foote

A return for Georgia May Foote to Coronation Street is off the cards, afterher popular character Katy Armstrong was killed off in an off-screen car crash earlier in October. 

Foote left the soap in 2015 to take part in Strictly Come Dancing and recently moved to Hollywood hoping to launch her career in the US.

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The character's most memorable storylines included giving birth on Christmas day to baby Joseph and her affair with Ryan Connor, which ended her romance with Chesney Brown.

Georgia May Foote

Katy's death wasn't shown and led to Chesney Brown heading to Portugal to bring home his son Joseph.

Christmas Return

Carla Connor (Alison King)

Alison King - Carla Connor

After months of rumours, Alison King has confirmed that she is heading back to Coronation Street. The soap favourite will make a dramatic return to the Cobbles at Christmas.

Producer Kate Oates told Radio Times: “It’s time to break new ground with Carla. I didn’t want to put her on that familiar cycle of self-destruction, recovery, followed by more self-destruction.

“What we’ll have instead are these two strong Connor women – Carla and Michelle (played by Kym Marsh) – on opposing sides and in conflict for a change.”

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The former Emmerdale producer continued: “The presence of strong women was the backbone of the show as Tony Warren created it.

“The tone and content of the stories have moved on, and so have the female characters, but that strength has still to be there for it to be truly Corrie.

“On Emmerdale, I was uncomfortably aware that I’d been responsible for the deaths of a number of women characters and I didn’t want to repeat that. I did feel like I was punishing the women.

“When the sense of the downtrodden is relentless, the audience starts to disengage. So on Coronation Street, I wanted to see the characters face trauma, but to come out the other end. There had to be journeys of triumph and strength.”

On October 10, Coronation Street posting a picture on Twitter of King back on set, filming with Shayne Ward.




Gary Windass (Mikey North)

gary windass

Mikey North has been playing Gary Windass since 2008. According to a source published in The Sun, Gary is to be "killed off" in an explosion during one of his secretive Ukrainian gigs. As any Corrie fan will know, Gary's taken on a dangerous job as a security officer in Ukraine in a bid to clear his debts and pay for his son's medical costs. 

The source told The Sun: "Gary’s family are devastated after they’re told of his tragic death. Gary’s mum Anna is told that he was killed driving a diplomat whose car was ambushed, blown up and there are 'no survivors'.

"Sarah is inconsolable when she’s told of his passing and everyone is desperate for more information from the foreign office to find out exactly what's happened.

"The storyline reaches a climatic point towards the end of this year – with Sarah once again left heartbroken."

In recent weeks on Corrie, Gary has finally admitted to his long-suffering girlfriend Sarah Platt that his job is very dangerous, much to her concern. And to make matters even worse, he’s also just cheated on her with newcomer Pat Phelan's daughter Nicola Rubenstein. Nicola has now confessed to her dad Pat that she’s pregnant with Gary’s baby, much to his infuriation as Phelan has a long-standing feud with both Gary and his mum Anna. 

Anna Windass (Debbie Rush)

anna windass

Anna has been on the cobbles for almost a decade but will shortly be departing the Street for good. The long-suffering Anna has recently reignited her feud with evil Pat Phelan by telling his daughter Nicola all about his evil ways, and it’s rumoured he may be the one to finish poor Anna off.

Whether Anna lives or dies is unknown, but Corrie producer Kate Oates told WhatsOnTV that either way, Anna will bow out with a bang.

“Debbie’s decision to pursue other roles will allow us to play an exciting exit story for Anna, which will see her fighting for her family and tackling old enemies head-on,” said Oates.

Vinny Ashford (Ian Kelsey)

vinny ashford

We first met Phelan's enemy and fellow con man, Vinny Ashford, in August 2016, and he's already come to a sticky end. Reappearing on the Street in October 2017, supposedly to settle his beef with Phelan once and for all, he became Phelan's latest cellar hostage. However, he didn't last long locked up with fellow hostage Andy Carver. Phelan tricked Andy into shooting Vinny dead in return for his freedom. Andy willingly obliged, but of course was then killed by Phelan in the minutes following. 

Andy Carver (Oliver Farnworth)

andy carver

Poor Andy was kept as a prisoner in Phelan's cellar for almost a year. Mentally and physically tortured and suffering from apparent Stockholm syndrome, Andy thought he finally had a chance of freedom this October, and after promising Andy freedom for weeks, Phelan told Andy he must first shoot fellow hostage Vinny dead to secure his release.

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Andy obliged, shooting Vinny dead. Unfortunately this was followed by Phelan shooting Andy dead. We last saw Phelan dispose of the bodies, and we can only presume that Phelan will get his comeuppance in the months to come.

Todd Grimshaw (Bruno Langley)

todd grimshaw

Bruno Langley, who has played Todd Grimshaw on-and-off for 16 years, has announced that he will no longer be on Coronation Street. He quit the show after a claim was made against him of inappropriate behaviour by a woman at a Manchester nightclub.

In a public statement Bruno wrote: 

"Sadly, I will no longer be working on Coronation Street. Acting on the show has been the fulfilment of a personal dream.

“Playing the role of Todd Grimshaw since I was 17 years old has been a huge part of my life, and an absolute honour.

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“I would like to thank all of my friends who work on the show for their love, friendship and support during this extremely difficult period."

Corrie bosses have announced that any pre-recorded episodes featuring Bruno will air, but that a Christmas storyline involving Todd and his partner Vicar Billy Mayhew will need to be re-written.


Emily Bishop (Eileen Derbyshire)

emily bishop

We last saw Corrie legend Emily Bishop at the end of 2016 when she abruptly left the Street to do charity work in Peru and visit her nephew Spider Nugent (who was last seen on the Cobbles in 2003).

Actress Eileen Derbyshire has been playing Emily since 1961, and decided to take a sabbatical from the soap. However, it’s been rumoured since April that she will be returning to Corrie at some point this year. Watch this space.

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