Who’s leaving Emmerdale? The latest cast changes

All the latest news for who's confirmed as joining and quitting the ITV soap.

There's never a dull moment in the Dales. And with so many actors coming and going, it can be hard to keep up.

Here is our handy guide to all the actors leaving, returning and joining Emmerdale...

Confirmed return

Hannah Barton - Now Matty Barton (Ash Palmisciano)

matty barton

We last saw Hannah Barton in 2012 when she left the village in the wake of the death of her father John. At the time she was played by actress Grace Cassidy but Emmerdale has just announced that Hannah will return - but as man Matty Barton and played by newcomer Ash Palmisciano.

This will be the soap's first regular transgender character and is expected to first appear in the village towards the end of June 2018. Matty will at first be suspected as an intruder, but Moira will immediately recognise her as her daughter Hannah. 

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New Emmerdale head producer Kate Brooks said: "The character of Matty certainly knows how to make an impact: cheeky, effervescent, quick-witted and headstrong, it’s not long before he’s charmed his way into the affections of all those who meet him."

Rumoured return

Mandy Dingle (Lisa Riley)

Lisa Riley as Mandy Dingle

Emmerdale legend Lisa Riley has hinted that she could be open to a return to the ITV soap - especially if there was a big comeback storyline for her Mandy Dingle and Paddy Kirk (Dominic Brunt).

Riley left the Dales in 2001 after six years the popular Dingle character and Riley thinks it would be interesting to see her visit the village with a new child.

"People keep telling me, 'Your Paddy needs you back.' But in my last episodes Mandy and Paddy spent the night together, so there could be a mini-me knocking about," Riley told Inside Soap.

"I'd be much more interested to see what their child is like - and it'd give Paddy a shock.

"She's still talked about wherever I go, though. I flew back from Mexico last year and the two guys that were sitting behind me started singing 'Mandy' by Barry Manilow.

"Everybody still talks about her food wagon, Mandy's Munchbox - it'll go down in history."

Riley has appeared on Strictly Come Dancing, Loose Women, Three Girls, Waterloo Road and Fat Friends since leaving Emmerdale.


Ross Barton (Michael Parr)ross barton

He's been an Emmerdale fixture since he first appeared as Ross Barton back in July 2013, but actor Michael Parr has announced he will be leaving the soap. The bad boy character became victim of a shocking acid attack this year and rumour had it that Parr wanted to quit over the extensive makeup he must now wear for his scenes and because he has ambitions of becoming a professional MMA fighter.

He was quick to denounce this however, stating on his official Twitter page 'Would just like to state the I'm not leaving Emmerdale because of the make up or because I'm going to become a professional MMA fighter . It's just time for a change....although we all know I could be heavy weight champ if I wanted to be.'

Acting Emmerdale producer Kate Brooks confirmed his departure stating, 'Michael Parr will leave Emmerdale later this year at the end of his current contract. His decision to pursue other acting opportunities has given the writing team the opportunity to create an intriguing storyline for his exit. Michael, who is nominated for Best Actor at the British Soap Awards next month, will leave the show on a high after brilliantly portraying Ross for five years.'

Gerry Roberts (Shaun Thomas)

shaun thomas gerry roberts emmerdale

Former convict and cellmate of Lachlan White Gerry Roberts has just been killed off on Emmerdale. Lured to the danger zone  of the structurally unstable B&B by his once friend Lachlan, the roof collapsed on him, killing off the Emmerdale fan favourite. Thomas, aged 20, has been an Emmerdale regular since January 2017, when he was first introduced as Lachlan's cellmate in a young offenders institute.

Sandy Thomas (Freddie Jones)

Sandy Thomas - Freddie Jones

The much-loved rogue Sandy Thomas will bid Emmerdale farewell this month after 13 years on the soap.

90-year-old Freddie Jones first appeared in the Dales in 2005 when he arrived at his son Ashley's wedding to Laurel Potts.

Sandy's exit storyline involves a whirlwind romance with Wendy Craig (Butterflies, The Royal), who sweeps him off his feet and offers him a free plane ticket to Australia.

His final scenes will air over the next two weeks.

White family car crash

White family car crash

Emmerdale fans were left shocked and heartbroken after Thursday's (January 11) double episode featured two members of the White family being killed off.

Chrissie (Louise Marwood) and Lawrence White (John Bowe)  both died after Chrissie's son Lachlan reached for the wheel of the car and drove them headfirst into a lorry.

Lachlan's grandfather was killed after he was flung from the vehicle - he had undone his seat belt to try and stop the upcoming crash.

Chrissie had a slower death after she regained consciousness and shared a heartbreaking conversation with Lachlan before she passed away.

Rebecca White remains in a critical condition in hospital at the end of the episode witrh suspected internal bleeding.

Robert Sugden (Ryan Hawley), who they were chasing, called the ambulance and both Rebecca and Lachlan were taken to hospital.

Speaking about her exit from the show, Louise Marwood said: "I am very sad actually, because we have become really close.

"Myself, Ryan Hawley (Robert), Tom Atkinson (Lachlan) and John Bowe (Lawrence) all came into the show at the same time. And it feels like Emily Head (Rebecca) has been here all the time too, as we've become so close.

"Obviously we'll stay friends forever, but I'm not going to see them everyday, so that will take a while to sink in. It's everybody else in the building too, like the crew. It's amazing team of people – I have never met a team like it in my life and I may never again, so that's incredibly sad.

"I am going back to London now, so who knows what's next? It's that thing of going to auditions. It was the right time to leave, as three years is a good stint to do.

"It's very tempting to stay, but my life is in London, so it was time to go. It's a hell of a gamble to take as you never know what is around the corner, but that quite excites me."

Emmerdale White family crash


Confirmed exit

John Bowe - Lawrence White

lawrence white

John Bowe has confirmed that producers have axed his character. He’s been playing Lawrence White, the current owner of Home Farm, since 2014. While we’re not sure exactly when he’ll be leaving, but the current rumour is that he will die in the White family car crash.

Rumoured Exit

Thomas Atkinson and Louise Marwood - Lachlan White and Chrissie White

lachlan white
Thomas Atkinson has been playing Emmerdale’s resident young oddball Lachlan White since 2014 and is set to leave in early 201r. Rumours are flying that he’s going to go off the rails again and may even murder this time. But as for exactly how he will leave, producers have remained tight-lipped so far.
It also looks like there could be one less schemer in the mix at Emmerdale, with tabloid reports claiming that Louise Marwood will be bowing out as Chrissie. Could the whole White family be leaving in one go?

Break from show

Roxy Shahidi - Leyla Harding

leyla harding

Roxy Shahidi plays fan favourite Leyla Harding and she will be leaving soon – but only temporarily. Roxy has recently announced that she’s expecting her first child, so maternity leave is inevitable. Its not been an easy year for her businesswoman character, and we can only imagine what storyline the producers will come up with for her to leave the village temporarily.

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James Moore - Ryan Stocks

james moore emmerdale

James Moore will be joining the cast of Emmerdale as Charity Dingle's long lost son Ryan Stocks. After a special episode that explored Charity's disturbing teen years through a series of flashbacks, we learned that despite Charity believing her son died 27 years ago during childbirth - he is very much alive.

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Charity will not only reunite with her son but learn that he has Ataxic Cerebral Palsy. Acting series producer Kate Brooks says of Ryan's arrival to the village:

"We are absolutely delighted to welcome James to the show; an actor of real skill, talent and charisma. As to be expected with his Dingle heritage, the character of Ryan is feisty, funny and reckless, and with an unquenchable zest for life. Ryan will not only turn Charity's life upside down, but also the wider Dingle clan as his arrival throws a massive spanner in the works.

As Ryan navigates his newfound family ties and connects with the mother he never knew he had, it unearths yet another layer to Charity. His  journey on the show is jam-packed with laughter, tears, unlikely friendships and with the odd unexpected twist thrown in for good measure.”

Ned Porteous - Tom Waterhouse/Joe Tate

ned posterous

Ned Porteous joined Emmerdale this September as Tom Waterhouse.

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You may already recognise Ned, who played Mark Fowler in EastEnders last year. He's also had roles in the television shows Holby City, Suspects and Delicious.

It was revealed in the New Year that his real identity was Joesph Tate. Joseph is the child of Chris Tate and Rachel Hughes, who are now both dead.

Rachel and Chris married in 1995 and they had son Joseph later the same year. However, their marriage didn’t last and by 1996 they were divorced. Rachel received full custody of Joseph but she was pushed to her death from a clifftop by her boyfriend, creepy schoolteacher Graham Clark, in 1999.

Joe is looking to get revenge on the Dingles and anyone who crossed his late family.

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Andrew Scarborough - Graham Foster

andrew scarborough emmerdale

Acclaimed actor Andrew Scarborough is joining Emmerdale alongside Ned Porteous this September. He'll be playing Graham Foster, Tom Waterhouse's right-hand man and confidant.
Andrew appeared in Downton Abbey from 2013-2015 as Tim Drewe and has acted in a multitude of other television shows including The Bible, Spooks, Doctors, Coronation Street and EastEnders.

Emmerdale airs at 7pm weekdays on ITV.

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