Who’s leaving Emmerdale? The latest cast changes

All the latest news for who's confirmed as joining and quitting the ITV soap.

There's never a dull moment in the Dales. And with so many actors coming and going, it can be hard to keep up.

Here is our handy guide to all the actors leaving, returning and joining Emmerdale...


Ned Porteous - Tom Waterhouse

ned posterous

Ned Porteous is joining Emmerdale this September as Tom Waterhouse. A potential suitor for Debbie Dingle, he will show an interest in investing in her luxury chauffeur business. 

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You may already recognise Ned, who played Mark Fowler in EastEnders last year. He's also had roles in the television shows Holby City, Suspects and Delicious.

Andrew Scarborough - Graham Foster

andrew scarborough emmerdale

Acclaimed actor Andrew Scarborough is joining Emmerdale alongside Ned Porteous this September. He'll be playing Graham Foster, Tom Waterhouse's right-hand man and confidant.
Andrew appeared in Downton Abbey from 2013-2015 as Tim Drewe and has acted in a multitude of other television shows including The Bible, Spooks, Doctors, Coronation Street and EastEnders.

Thomas Atkinson - Lachlan White

lachlan white
Thomas Atkinson has been playing Emmerdale’s resident young oddball Lachlan White since 2014 and is set to leave by the end of the year. Rumours are flying that he’s going to go off the rails again and may even murder this time. But as for exactly how he will leave, producers have remained tight-lipped so far.


Adam Thomas - Adam Barton

adam barton

Adam has been playing Moira’s love child with James Barton since 2009 and he’s confirmed that he will be leaving the soap, likely within the first few months of the new year. We have no idea what his exist story will be, but Emmerdale producers have already teased that it will be part of a dramatic, major storyline.

Roxy Shahidi - Leyla Harding

leyla harding

Roxy Shahidi plays fan favourite Leyla Harding and she will be leaving soon – but only temporarily. Roxy has recently announced that she’s expecting her first child, so maternity leave is inevitable. Its not been an easy year for her businesswoman character, and we can only imagine what storyline the producers will come up with for her to leave the village temporarily.

John Bowe - Lawrence White

lawrence white

John Bowe has confirmed that producers have axed his character. He’s been playing Lawrence White, the current owner of Home Farm, since 2014. While we’re not sure exactly when he’ll be leaving we have a feeling it will be fairly soon as his character’s ill health has been a recurrent theme in the last few weeks of Emmerdale. There’s even a rumour floating about that he will be killed off by his own twisted grandson Lachlan White – who’s also supposed to be leaving this year.

Gillian Kearney - Emma Barton

emma barton

It was confirmed earlier this year that Gillian Kearney will be leaving Emmerdale. She's been playing Emma Barton since 2015 and infamously murdered estranged husband James Barton by pushing him off a bridge and into the late Ashley's car.
She's got away with murder so far, but Emmerdale boss Iain MacLeod recently hinted that this storyline will reach its climax in October when several key characters could be leaving the soap for good.
Taking a break

Lucy Pargeter - Chas Dingle

Lucy Pargeter

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Lucy gave birth to twin daughters Missy and Betsy in April 2017, and her character Chas Dingle was last seen on screen in March of this year, heading to Ireland to look after Liv's sick mother Sandra. Show bosses and Lucy have not confirmed when she will return or how long her break from the show will be.


Faith Dingle – TBC

Cain Dingle

Producers haven’t even announced the actress who will be playing Faith Dingle, but what we have been promised is a ‘gin-fuelled whirlwind’ when the mother of Cain and Chas arrives on the soap later this year after last being seen in 2004.

Speaking about her arrival, actor Jeff Hordley (above) said: "Apparently she’s going to be an absolute nightmare. She would be, to be the mother of Cain. I think what Iain [MacLeod, series producer] hinted at, which might be really interesting with this character coming in, is that you might see the mother speaking to Cain like he’s a child…It would be really interesting to see that side of him."

Emmerdale airs at 7pm weekdays on ITV.

Photo credit: ITV

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