Here's a rundown of the hottest shows and Box Sets available to watch on your Extra Channels and in TV On Demand this fortnight – all included as part of your BT Unlimited subscription.

Bates Motel

The infamous Hitchcock horror gets a creepy back story in this critically acclaimed drama starring The Departed’s Vera Farmiga as Norman Bates’ over-protective mother. Having arrived in town, Norman begins high school, while Mrs Bates has purchased a shabby motel with the intention of sprucing it up. A word of advice for the guests: it’s probably a good idea to stay out of the shower.

9pm, Thursdays on Universal Channel – channel 420

Geordie Shore

The reality show charting the antics of Newcastle's most-bonkers lads and laddesses is back. Having won Celebrity Big Brother last week, Charlotte Crosby and her perma-tanned gang return to Tyneside for more extreme behaviour in a brand new series. These reality shenanigans are not to be missed.

10pm, Tuesdays on MTV – channel 425

To find these shows, go to the On Demand area on your service and press the blue button to search:

Being Human - Series 1-3 Box Set

If you thought vampires' lives were all gothic castles and velvet-lined coffins, this supernatural cult drama will put you right. It follows a vampire, a werewolf and a ghost as they knock about in a grubby flatshare, attempt to hold down jobs and try to control their supernatural urges. Oh, and there's the occasional bid to save the world too.

Black Mirror - Series 1-2 Box Set

This collection of dark dramas comes from the twisted mind of multi-talented broadcaster Charlie Brooker. Combining a suitably disturbing blend of sci-fi and satire of the modern world, each story acts as a disarming parable for the Twitter age. Compelling, suspenseful and often amusing stuff.

The Borgias - Seasons 1-2 Box Set

Jeremy Irons plays Rodrigo Borgia – a not-so-holy man who has schemed his way to the papacy – in this lavish Renaissance drama. Following a ruthless clan who'll stop at nothing to abuse the powers of the Pope's office, The Borgias features a sterling cast, plenty of intrigue and no shortage of racy storylines.

Luther - Series 1-2 Box Set

If you've still not delved into this acclaimed BBC crime drama starring Idris Elba, you're very definitely missing a trick. Following troubled but brilliant detective John Luther, this show won the star of The Wire a Golden Globe and proved a ratings winner when it aired on BBC One. See what all the fuss is about by watching the entire first two series at your leisure in TV On Demand.