Hungry for entertainment? We've a feast of drama, comedy and more to devour over the next fortnight. Read our rundown of the latest shows available on BT Box Sets and Extra TV Channels as part of your subscription over the next couple of weeks.

The Middle (pictured))

Oddball kids and unorthodox parenting combine in this sitcom following dysfunctional family life in middle America. Starring Everybody Loves Raymond's Patricia Heaton and Scrubs' Neil Flynn, this acclaimed comedy blends the heartwarming with the downright hilarious.

9pm, Tuesdays, Comedy Central – channel 417

NCIS – Season 11

Shootouts in Tehran, tussles with terrorists, murky conspiracies and more… get ready for an hour of pulse-pounding action as the members of the Naval Criminal Investigative Service return for a brand new season. As US TV thrillers go, this takes some beating.

UK premiere: 9pm, Fridays, FOX – channel 422

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Mad Love ­– Season 1

American Pie’s Jason Biggs has left the stewed apple behind, grown up and gone looking for love in sitcomland's New York, where his character, Ben, finds it in the shape of Kate. Unfortunately, their best friends are convinced the relationship is all wrong and aren’t afraid to say so.

Louis Theroux Collection

Nobody in TV has tracked down the weirdest, funniest and most deranged examples of humanity with as much commitment as Louis Theroux, which makes this collection of the best moments from Weird Weekends, When Louis Met and Louis And …, an utterly compelling, and often disturbing, watch.

Dexter – Seasons 1-6

Blood spatter analyst Dexter Morgan spends his spare time bringing justice to criminals who’ve managed to wriggle away from the long arm of the law. He’s probably the only serial killer you’ll fall in love with, and we’ve got six series of the show for romance to blossom. That’s a lot of spatter.

Vera – Series 3

Shambolic and endearing, Brenda Blethyn’s Vera Stanhope is about as far removed from The Wire’s Jimmy McNulty as you could hope to get. But detectives come in all shapes and sizes, and if you want someone to solve a crime on a windswept Northumberland moor she’s the lady to call.