Borgen to get a US remake on HBO

Borgen's US remake will go ahead at HBO, creator Adam Price has confirmed.

Press Association
Last updated: 15 November 2013 - 10.34am

Borgen is set to get an American remake on HBO, the programme's original creator has confirmed.

Rights to remake the Danish political drama were acquired by NBC in 2011 but the programme wasn't made, and now it is going into production at HBO according to Digital Spy.

Creator Adam Price said: "It's in consideration at HBO and it's actually BBC Worldwide who's going to [produce] it. I've heard that HBO want to do it and they're currently looking into who's going to be the showrunner."

Adam said that he would like to be a consultant on the US remake but that he thought it was important that whoever was in charge turned it into their own show.

He said: "Definitely they should drag it into American politics and really make it their own, instead of trying to 'keep a little Danish'... because that would seem phoney."

Adam also said he thought that the US team should be confident of finding a good replacement for Sidse Babett Knudsen, who plays Borgen's female lead: "They should find their way into the material and I'm sure they have wonderful actresses. They will find her."

The third and final series of Borgen airs from Saturday, November 16 on BBC Four.